Title Insurance

With an extensive array of title insurance services and products, you might be surprised that what sets us apart isn’t on this list. It’s the caring attitude of our team and the dedication they have to providing you with the best closing experience possible. In certain states where  we cannot directly perform our services, we have partnered with a network of experienced local title professionals or title attorneys to assist in providing world class service, so we can maintain our quality services nationally.

  • Title Insurance – Our extensive searches of public records for recorded liens, judgments and mortgages on the property (and its current owner) have earned us a reputation for thoroughness.
  • Title Examinations Our team of experienced professionals is skilled at making Insurability Determinations and performing Risk Analysis for Investors.
  • Title Commitments We present our clients with what we clear, what we cover, and what we don’t cover BEFORE closing for a surprise-free experience.
  • Curative Services Sometimes a search reveals a defect in the chain of title. When problems occur, we take a proactive approach, working together with you to remedy title defects.
  • Title Policies including owner and lender/loan policies Whether you’re the property owner who needs post-closing coverage or the lender who wants to insure the mortgage, we cover your title policy needs.
  • Settlement Services (including closing, escrow, disbursement, signing, notarization, reconciliation, and recording services)
  • Document Services (such as recording, retrieving documents, and archiving)

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